Here are some of the most difficult IAS riddles that will make you go crazy


Presence of mind is all that matters when you are solving a riddle. Good luck!  Leave your answers in comment section, and please don't cheat!

1. A murder happens in a village and police inspector asked two constables to reach the spot and take an FIR. As it was night and too far from the station, two constables didn't go there and made a fake FIR. After reading
the report the inspector said that you  both are suspended for maching the
Question is...How did the inspector find out that the FIR is fake and they didn't reach there?
The FIR is written as....
When we reached the spot, the door was open and one man aged about 40 -45 was found dead in a
chair, one bulb is glowing in the room,fan is also switchd on,one table is there infront of the dead
body, and the table contains:one opend bottle of poison ,one half filled drinkng watr bottle,one pen ,
one book was opened with pages 13-14,
One table top calendar opend as date of june 20,one 5 rupee coin,one notebook,one bed was also
there in the room.
Seems that the person committed suicide.

Can you guess the right answer?

2. Jonathan has three boxes containing milk chocolates and dark
chocolates. The problem is that all of them have been labeled
incorrectly as follows.
Box1: Dark Chocolates
Box2: Milk Chocolates
Box3: Dark Chocolates and Milk Chocolates
How will he label all the boxes correctly by just opening one

3. Zoe and Joe are twin brothers. One of them is a falsifier however the other one always speaks truth. I asked one of the, “Does Zoe lie?” The person replied with a yes. Whom did I talk with? Zoe or Joe?

4. How can you drop a raw egg from a height onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

5. Can you make 10 plus 4 = 2 ?

6. I have a sore throat and a severe headache. I have four tablets with me that are identical to each
other and they don't have any cover on them. There is no way I can identify which tablet serves what
purpose. The only thing that I know is that two of these four tablets are for throat and the remaining
two are for the headache. To treat my condition, I must take 1 of each. What will I do now ?

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