Important Facts about Solar System


  1. Biggest Planet Jupiter
  2. Smallest Planet Mercury
  3. Nearest Planet to Sun Mercury
  4. Farthest Planet to Sun Neptune
  5. Brightest Planet Venus
  6. Nearest Planet to Earth Venus
  7. Hottest Planet Venus
  8. Coldest Planet Neptune
  9. Red Planet Mars
  10. Biggest Satelllite Ganymede
  11. Smallest Satelllite Deimos
  12. Blue Planet Earth
  13. Morning Star Venus
  14. Evening Star Venus
  15. Planet with a Red Spot Jupiter
  16. Brightest planet outside Solar System Sirius (Dog Star)
  17. Closet Star of Solar System Proxima Centauri
  18. Fastest rotation in Solar System Jupiter
  19. Slowtest rotation in Solar System Venus
  20. Fatest revolution in Solar System Mercury
  21. Slowtest revolution in Solar System Neptune

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