MUST SEE | 7 Underwater Wonders of world


We all have heard about The 7 wonders of world like Great wall of China, The Taj Mahal, etc, But there are many more places, building etc which are considered as "Wonders of world" . Today I am going to show you the  "7 underwater wonders of the world" 😊

Palau -  An island country situated in the middle of Pacific ocean.   


The Northern Red sea region - It's a city in Eritre.  Almost 3/4th of red sea lies there. 

Northern Red Sea (Source)

• The Galapagos Islands - They are a group of many islands surrounding Pacific ocean.  
One of the Galapagos Islands (Source)

Lake Baikal - It's the largest lake in the world (By volume) in Siberia, Russia. 
Olkhon Island and Lake Baikal (Source)

The Deep Sea Vents - For more information about them, visit - 

• The Belize Barrier Reef - It is a series of coral reefs straddling the coast of Beliz
The Belize Barrier Reef (Source)

• The Great Barrier Reef - It's the world's largest coral reef system. 
The great barrier reef, you can see a heart reef over there! (Source)

So which one is your favourite?  Mine is Palau of course but after Malta, It's my favorite beach side destination!  Though it is not one of the 7 wonders, let me show you a pic of Maltese beach...  

Beautiful, isn't it? :) 

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