The Kalinga War | History of India | Boost your GK!


The Kalinga war was fought in 262-261 BC between The ruler of state Kalinga
and Asoka the great who was leading Mauryan Empire at that time. This war is said to be the most deadliest war in history of India killing about 100,000 people from Maurya Empire's side and 200,000 people from Kalinga State's side who tried hard to resist against brutal attacks by King Ashoka, But despite of fighting till their Last breath, they couldn't win the war.

After the war of Kalinga was over, King Ashoka adopted Buddhism and devoted rest of his life to Aahinsa (non-violence).

The state, Kalinga, compromised most of the land from modern state of Orris,  Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

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